Pupil  Premium
Since 2011-2012 the Government has given schools additional funding to support children on free school meals, in care, or from service families.  This funding is called a ‘Pupil Premium’. Please see the statement below on how we at West Bretton J & I School are using the additional funding to support children, and the impact this will make.

We strive to ensure that all our groups of pupils (e.g. boys and girls, pupils with SEN, gifted and talented pupils) achieve their potential. Through careful assessment and tracking, we identify those pupils who are making less than expected progress and identify the reasons for this, before providing targeted support. Support and intervention programmes are systematically implemented and monitored, to ensure that ALL of our children are making good progress.

We monitor and analyse the performance of those who are making less than expected progress against other pupils in our school, and not just against national standards. Improvements in this area have led to an increased focus on specific learning and progress for ALL of our pupils.

Our Pupil Premium funding is predominantly used to guarantee Quality First Teaching in each classroom, which is why we have invested significantly in the Read Write Inc programme and Phonic Bug resources, the Lexia Reading programme and in the Abacus Maths scheme.  We have also recently invested in Rising Stars Assessment materials in literacy, to enable us to accurately track our children’s progress on a regular basis.

Our priority is to ensure that quality teachers and quality support staff guarantee quality for all.

We then consistently monitor and evaluate standards across school to plan for appropriate, effective interventions and resources to maximise on ALL children’s progress. Interventions outside of the classroom are planned by class teachers and delivered by fully trained support staff, either to individuals or small groups. Work is also supported by parents, and we value our partnership with them as we work towards helping their children to achieve their potential.

One of our key priorities this year focuses on planned short-term intervention programmes identified and organised for underachieving pupils and those with SEN, to meet the needs of all our pupils. This will include spelling and reading programmes, a targeted handwriting programme, a guided-reading and comprehension programme, a specialised speech and language programme for early years, Maths interventions, memory games, a paired writing programme and a focus on precision-teaching for those with very specific difficulties.

We plan to robustly monitor and evaluate the impact of this work to ensure that the Pupil Premium allocation is wisely and effectively used.

In reading and writing, Pupil Premium children are achieving in broadly in line with their peers, with some making outstanding progress.

In Maths the vast majority of Pupil Premium pupils are achieving broadly in line with their peers.
West Bretton Pupil Premium grant allocation, expenditure and impact 2018/19
West Bretton Pupil Premium grant allocation, expenditure and impact 2019/20
More information about Pupil Premium from the gov.uk website
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