We are an 'Investors in Pupils' school and have had the award since 2011.  The Investors in Pupils programme involves our children in decision making, and developing responsibility and leadership in relation to:

  • learning
  • behaviour
  • attendance
  • induction
  • school and classroom management. 

Pupils learn about how our school is run and, in turn, understand how they themselves can contribute to the running of the school.  Pupils commit to goals and teamwork with each other and the staff.  We work together to make our school a place to be proud of.

The five areas of Investors in Pupils

Every class creates their own vision on how they are going to achieve in these five areas.


We endeavour to make our curriculum as interesting and exciting as possible and offer our children a broad range of activities.

Individual and class targets are set which help the children achieve their goals.  Individual targets are related to writing and maths, together with a more personalised goal related to our ‘Be the Best' programme.  Our children appreciate that everyone is a learner and that learning never stops!


Children take responsibility for their own behaviour and create class and school rules with rewards and consequences.  They work as a team to ensure that everyone enjoys school and feels safe.  They also create an environment where effective learning takes place.


The children are aware that coming to school every day and being on time is important.  Good attendance and punctuality means good achievement.  100% attendance certificates are given out each term, together with an opportunity to win a book token.  In addition to this children who never miss a day all year are awarded the Stanley Attendance Shield.


We pride ourselves on being a friendly, welcoming school.  Each class creates its own welcome book which explains all about the class to visitors and new pupils.  New staff also have a handbook to welcome them into our school.

School and Classroom Management

Children are aware that everyone in our school is responsible for it.  Every full-time pupil has a job, either within the classroom or around the school, and they appreciate that their role is important to assist with the smooth running of the school.  Children are aware of every adult’s role in school and how they help them with their learning.  They gain an understanding of where the school gets its money from and how they spend it.  This helps them to appreciate what they have and that equipment must be looked after.

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Thursday 11 August 2022