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Class 3


“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X

Welcome to Class 3. In our Class we are respectful, hardworking and ready to have fun! Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? If so, then Class 3 is the place for you. This journey will make you braver, stronger and wiser than you ever thought you were capable of.

Moving into Key Stage 2, the children are to develop and embed previous learning through new, exciting topics. From travelling back in time to the Roman Empire, to discovering the history and geography of Yorkshire and even finding out about an incredible book eating boy; the Class 3 experience really is an exciting ‘roller coaster’ journey.

In Class 3, there is an expectation that all children show a good work ethic, each day. As the children move into a more formal approach to learning, they are expected to increase their independence.



Each morning, the children have an English lesson. English lessons are driven by a topic related book and are supported by grammar lessons which ensure the children continue to develop their writing skills. In KS2, the children are expected to develop a neatly joined-up handwriting style, and work towards being granted a pen-license.

The children also do a spelling programme three or four times a week, which focuses on teaching spelling patterns and rules. This is supported by a weekly spelling test of the statutory Year 3/4 words, as outlined in the National Curriculum – spellings will be sent out on a Monday to be tested the following Monday.

In Class 3 we want the children to develop a love of reading. Our aim is to develop confident readers who enjoy a wide range of texts. We work with the children to develop their understanding of texts through whole class VIPERS comprehension activities. The children also have a “joy of reading” afternoon where the children are given the opportunity to read for pleasure. We ensure every child has a suitable reading book to take home and encourage parents to listen to their child read 3 times a week.



For morning maths lessons, the children are taught by Mr Cowperthwaite. The children will develop and embed skills within maths lessons over time to become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics. We want the children to enjoy Mathematics and to experience success in the subject with the ability to reason mathematically.


Topic Lessons

During the afternoons, Class 3 follow a two-year cycle of topic work which usually has a science, history or geography focus. Cross-curricular links are made wherever possible, but sometimes, where sensible and relevant links can’t be made, subjects such as RE, Science or Computing are taught on a stand-alone basis. Once a week a peripatetic music teacher takes Class 3 for a music lesson, as part of the Wider Opportunities programme, and Mrs Dodding teaches the children French.



In Class 3, the children have two hours of PE a week; this will normally consist of one indoor lesson on and one outdoor lesson. Please make sure your child has the appropriate kit on these days. We will also be attending sporting tournaments and festivals as arranged by the Pyramid.



Homework is sent home on Thursday afternoon, and should be completed and returned by Tuesday morning. Homework will usually consist of a piece of English grammar work and a piece of maths work. Homework will relate to what the children have been learning in the week.

Finally, in Class 3, we believe very strongly in a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of all individuals. Your child will be taught to work individually, in a group and as part of a class or team. Each day is different and we employ a range of strategies to engage and meet the needs of pupils. Through Investors in Pupils, we set our whole class vision and work towards our class targets to ensure that we are striving to be the best we can be at all times.


Welcome Letter 2023 class 3

Autumn Term - The Romans Topic letter



Teacher: Mr M Cowperthwaite

Teaching Assistant: Mrs T Taylor 


Class 3 visited Murton Park on Friday 6 October 2023 ...