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West Bretton Junior and Infant School

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At West Bretton we can take up to 15 pupils in each year group. For Lower Foundation Stage/Nursery in our school, you have to apply directly to the school; whereas, for a full-time place, you have to apply directly to Wakefield Local Authority.

Lower Foundation Stage places will be offered to any child whose parents/carers have registered an interest in our school and these will be offered in the spring term before the child starts in the September. If more than 15 children request a Lower Foundation Stage place then we will follow the criteria set out for admissions in the Early Years Admissions policy (please see the link for further information). A Lower Foundation Stage place does not guarantee a full-time place and you will still need to apply to Wakefield Local Authority for this. Lower Foundation Stage children stay at least five mornings per week (9:00am-12 noon). We do however offer extended hours every afternoon until 3:30pm.

For a full-time place at our school you need to apply through the Local Authority Admission’s department (School admissions - Wakefield Council). Usually the deadline for a full-time reception (Upper Foundation Stage) place is a date in January for them to start full-time in the September. If more children request a place than there are places available, the Local Authority will follow the criteria set out in their policy (please see the link below for further information).

In order that Lower Foundation Stage children have a smooth transition into our school, children can build up their time to spend a full morning with us. Any child entering straight into our full-time Foundation Stage will be encouraged to come on transition visits during which they can familiarise themselves with the Foundation Stage environment, and meet their peers and the staff. This assists in ensuring that the children settle in to our school and become part of the West Bretton team as quickly as possible.

Transition meetings are also held with parents/carers each year to inform them of any changes in the next stage of their child’s education.

Admissions Policy - Local Authority

Admissions Policy - Early Years